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Mule Head Brand Ground Attack Petroleum Spill Eliminator
cleans soil and water contaminated with petroleum spills
Powerful Mule Head Brand Ground Attack Petroleum Spill Eliminator provides an effective, efficient means to treat soil and water contaminated by gasoline, diesel and other petroleum products.

Microbes do the job

Ground Attack incorporates our proprietary blend of microorganisms, micro-nutrients, and vitamins specifically formulated to reduce and degrade the complex carbons in these hydrocarbon contaminated areas.

Staying power

Our high quality microbes have excellent staying power. When used according to directions Ground Attack will remain on the job until the contaminants are significantly reduced, degraded or eliminated.

How to buy it

Contact your Mule Head Brand distributor for complete details on how to put this great petroleum spill eliminator to work in your business. Contact us to find a Mule Head Brand distributor.

Ground Attack Petroleum Spill Eliminator
Ground Attack microbes literally eat petroleum spills. To them, hydrocarbons are candy.

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