Mule Head Brand Jacked-Up Orange cleans with the
natural cleansing power of citrus solvent

No caustics, acids, petroleum solvents, or phosphates
Excellent for degreasing, cleaning and deodorizing

• Smells great-deodorizes as it cleans
• Super concentrated forumla
• Dilute with cold water for added cling time

Jacked-Up Orange is a 100% natural cleaner deriving its full strength from the organic cleansing power of pure citrus solvent. Use Jacked-Up Orange for cleaning, degreasing, and deodorizing in drain pipes, grease traps, sewage treatment plants, rendering plants, trash cans, dumpsters, and garbage trucks; on engines, heavy equipment, and industrial floors; and for tar, asphalt, adhesive and glue removal.

Easy-to-use directions:

Degreaser for floors: Apply undiluted or pre-diluted Jacked-Up Orange with water up to 2 oz. per gallon to soiled area. Scrub with brush or floor machine. Rinse with water and dispose of properly.

Greasy equipment and parts: Spray, wipe or soak soiled parts or equipment using Jacked-Up Orange undiluted or diluted up to 10 parts water to 1 part Jacked-Up Orange.

Sewage treatment and rendering plants: Use Jacked-Up Orange undiluted for extreme soils or diluted for lighter uses. Use through automatic drip systems for constant control.

Drain maintenance and grease traps: To unclog drains, pour Jacked-Up Orange straight into drain. Allow to stand for one hour. Flush with hot water. For problem drains, use once a week. Add 2 to 4 ounces of Jacked-Up Orange to drain then flush after 1 hour.

Adhesive, mastic, tar, and asphalt removal: Apply product undiluted onto area to be cleaned. Allow 10 to 15 minutes soak time. Wipe and rinse cleaned area once soil is dissolved.

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