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Mule Head Brand Blue 72 Windshield Washer Solvent
Your year-round solution for windshields

Special de-icing, anti-freeze, and bug-cutting formula

Mule Head Brand Blue 72 is a highly concentrated commercial grade windshield washer solution. A mixture of surfactants, detergents, anti-freeze solvents and lubricant additives makes Blue 72 your ideal solution for year-round windshield washer maintenance.

Sub-zero protection plus warm-weather economy

Blue 72 keeps windshield washer systems ice free in sub-zero temperatures. In warm weather Blue 72’s high dilution rates give you maximum economy.

Road film, slush, ice, salt, bugs and more are no match for Blue 72. It is safe for use in all types of washer systems and won’t harm painted surfaces when used as directed.

Blue 72 is ideal for:

  • Class 8 truck dealers
  • New and used auto dealers
  • Auto and truck leasing companies
  • Bus fleets
  • Railroads
  • Service stations
  • Other transportation related operations.

Availble from your Mule Head Brand distributor in 55 gallon drums. Comes with a Lafferty chemical/water proportioner for accurate and ecnomical mixing. Call today.

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