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Septic Dragon Bacteria Septic System TreatmentSeptic Dragon is a supercharged bacteria septic system treatment. When properly dosed, commericial strenght Septic Dragon releases more than 50 billion naturally occurring beneficial bacteria into your septic system.

These friendly bacteria are scientifically blended to attack and digest the paper, vegetable matter, foods, fats, oils, greases, starches, and proteins which constitute household waste in your septic system.

Septic Dragon goes to work immediately preventing disgusting and expensive septic tank failures and backups.

Septic Dragon:

  • Is 100% all natural, no harsh chemicals
  • Deodorizes as it works
  • Restores clogged septic and drain field systems
  • Reduces bulking of solid material in system,
    extending the life of the system
  • Is easy to apply

Septic Dragon works well in:

  • Residential and commercial septic systems
  • Marine septic systems
  • Aircraft toilets
  • Bus toilets
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Train toilets

Contact your Mule Head Brand distributor for details. If you cannot find a Mule Head Brand distributor, call us at 870.5351871 and we will help you find the distributor nearest to you.

Septic Dragon Bacteria Septic Tank Treatment
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